Winding Ridge School of Inquiry and the Performing Arts (East)

Students at Winding Ridge School of Inquiry and Performing Arts learn to communicate their knowledge through artistic expression. The wide variety of arts choices available to students include: band, orchestra, dance, drama, art, and choir.
Winding Ridge’s core curriculum is based on national and state standards and is delivered through Readers’ and Writers’ Workshop and a balanced math program. Students learn to collaborate through project work, establishing a true community of learners that supports and encourages higher level thinking through engaging real-world experiences. The result: lifelong readers who are able to articulate themselves verbally and in writing and confident mathematicians with a deep conceptual understanding of the subject.

In grades 5 and 6 students select a major focus area. While the students study all areas in a school year, their schedule allows them to study their major focus area every other day for the length of a semester or year. This schedule allows students to become skilled in their artistic area of choice and allows them to make connections between the different arts. Advanced areas of choice include: jazz, folk, modern and tap dance, instrumental and vocal training, drama, painting and sculpting.
At Winding Ridge Elementary, students develop a passion for the arts – and learning!

  • Band
  • Orchestra
  • Choir
  • Dance and Drama
  • Media: Photography and Broadcasting
  • Student Performances in Focus Areas
  • Early introduction to Keyboard and String Instruments
  • After School Literacy Center

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