Sunnyside School of International Studies (East)

Today’s children are competing for the jobs of tomorrow against students who live halfway around the globe. What will it take for them to succeed? The kind of educational opportu­nities found at Sunnyside Elementary School of International Studies.

Sunnyside prepares students for a world without boundaries by fostering cultural understanding, appreciation of differences, and student decision making. Students learn to be globally
conscious and internationally minded by participating in service learning projects.

All grade levels participate in Spanish language exploration and use technology to connect with peers around the world.
Sunnyside’s core curriculum is based on national and state standards and is delivered through Readers’ Workshop, Writers’ Workshop and a balanced math program. Students learn to collaborate through project work, establishing a true community of learners that supports and encourages higher level thinking through engaging real-world experiences. The result: lifelong readers who are able to articulate them­selves verbally and in writing and confident mathematicians with a deep conceptual understanding of the subject.
Children receive a well-rounded education that includes art, music and physical education.

Sunnyside provides an atmosphere where students learn to take initiative, think for themselves, and get along with others.

  • Recycling Program
  • United Nations Model of Leadership with Student Decision Making
  • Exploration of the Spanish Language in Grades 1-6
  • Sunnyside Singers and Folk Dancers
  • Global Technological Communication – email, videoconferencing, sharing of information with students in other countries
  • International Peace Garden
  • Interactive Maps and Globes

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