Skiles Test STEM School (West)

Does your child:
• Build things out of blocks, Legos, or K’nex?
• Mix weird concoctions in the kitchen?
• Understand how to use your smartphone better than you do?
• Take things apart and then put them back to together?
• Spend hours watching: “Mythbusters,” “How It’s Made” or “Animal Planet”?
At Skiles Test Elementary, children receive a well-rounded education with a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math - the stepping stones to the future. Teachers respect each child’s learning style, nurture self-esteem and celebrate diversity. At Skiles Test your child will develop into a technologically literate, caring citizen who is able to think analytically, ask questions to develop understanding, and use a variety of forms of technology.
Why did this happen? How does that work? Skiles Test students begin each lesson with these basic questions and then work to understand the answer. These concepts and more are interwoven into reading, writing, conducting research and hands-on experiences. Skiles Test’s core curriculum is based on national and state standards and is delivered through Readers’ Workshop, Writers’ Workshop and a balanced math program. Student learn to collaborate through project work, establishing a true community of learners that supports and encourages higher level thinking through engaging real-world experiences. The result: lifelong learners who are able to express themselves verbally and in writing and confident mathematicians with a deep understanding of the subject.

Thanks to the onsite Nature Center, students observe the natural changes that occur during each season. The children maintain the vegetable, flower and butterfly gardens, as well as the creek, wetland and wildlife habitats. Even the subjects of music and physical education are infused with STEM through creating digital music and recording and analyzing exercise data. Skiles Test’s specialized STEM class and Discovery Zone create areas where students can create through computer programming and robotics, and also through exploration of the objects around them. Students are given many opportunities throughout the day to ask questions about the world around them, and search for answers.

  • Promethean Interactive Boards in every classroom
  • Outdoor Nature Center
  • STEM class for all students
  • Robotics with Lego Kits and KNEX
  • Broadcasting Studio
  • Science Lab
  • Discovery Zone for all students

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