Forest Glen School of Spanish Immersion (District Wide)

Forest Glen School of Spanish Immersion is Lawrence Township Schools’ only elementary language immersion magnet program.

Students attending Forest Glen have the choice of two program options: Full Immersion or Dual Immersion.

Both programs are available from kindergarten through grade 12, with kindergarten through grade 6 at Forest Glen. In grades K-2, students receive 80% of their instruction in Spanish and 20% of their instruction is in English.  In third grade, students receive 70% of their instruction in Spanish and 30% of their instruction in English.  In grades 4, 5 and 6 half of the instructional day is taught in Spanish; the remainder is taught in English.

In Dual Immersion, half of the students in class are dominant Spanish speakers and half are dominant English speakers.  The students are purposely mixed in the same classroom to assist each other in language development.

Forest Glen teachers are fluent in the language they use for instruction, and in nearly all situations are dominant speakers of that language.

Along with the language component, the school curriculum uses the Writers’ and Readers’ Workshops, which immerse students in reading and writing. The Five Easy Steps to a Balanced Math Program allows students to apply math skills and reasoning ability to solve real-life problems. The result: Lifelong readers who are able to articulate themselves orally and in writing, and confident mathematicians with a deep conceptual understanding of the subject.

  • One Way (Full) Immersion and Dual Immersion Programs
  • Numerous language and culture experts on staff
  • Outdoor lab
  • Latino Dance and Drama as a Related Arts Class
  • Wetlands on the school property
  • Annual Fiesta Del OtoƱo
  • Annual Hispanic Festival
  • Latin Percussion Group
  • International Dance Troop
  • Bilingual library collections

Spanish Assessment and Application
Families interested in applying for Spanish Immersion should follow the same process as families applying to attend any of the Magnet schools. Students who are entering grades 2-6 and accepted through the CAP (Computer Application Process) are required to pass a Spanish assessment to complete the admittance process.

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