Crestview School of Communication (West)

Today’s elementary student is living in the age of instant access. Twitter. YouTube. Instagram. Want to know the distance from the Earth to Mars? Google it. Want to know what your friend is eating for dinner? Text him.
But how do you make sense of all this information? How do you filter all of this data to make sound decisions?

Students get hands-on experience in the world of broadcasting in the school’s state-of-the-art digital television studio, CVTV. Students are in charge of all areas of production in the TV studio, from anchor to engineer to roving reporter. They gain real-world experience by operating the cameras, writing the scripts, and handling all transitions.

But the TV studio isn’t the only way students learn to com­municate. Through print, online communications and video conferencing, Crestview students learn the many ways to convey messages.

Crestview’s core curriculum is based on national and state standards and is delivered through Readers’ and Writers’ Workshop and a balanced math program. Students learn to collaborate through project work, establishing a true com­munity of learners that supports and encourages higher level thinking through engaging real-world experiences. The result: lifelong readers who are able to articulate themselves verbally and in writing and confident mathematicians with a deep conceptual understanding of the subject.

  • CVTV – Student operated television station
  • Crestview Chronicle – Student produced
  • Skyping
  • Podcasting
  • Student Ambassadors
  • Up and Running Club
  • Choir
  • Cadre – Leadership club for young men
  • Garden Club
  • Save the Earth Club
  • Math Pentathlon Club

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