Do new families have to apply to their neighborhood magnet school?

Families do NOT need to complete an online Magnet School application for their child to attend their assigned neighborhood magnet school. New families of K-6 families DO need to enroll their child at the Welcome Center located at the MSD Lawrence Township Education & Community Center 6501 Sunnyside Road (Formerly known as Craig Middle School.) and provide documentation required for attendance.

Once my child is accepted, do I need to reapply each year?

No. Once your child is accepted, you do not have to reapply each year, presuming he or she will be continuing at the same magnet school and continues to meet residency criteria.


If a family applies to a magnet school (not their assigned neighborhood magnet school) will they automatically get an acceptance?

Acceptance into a magnet school is not automatic. It is based upon space availability and the number of applicants. If there are more applicants than spaces available, the computerized admittance process (CAP) is run. The computerized admittance process is done in random order via computer selection.

Is there a timeline for applying for a magnet school?

Yes, all of the timelines are listed here or on page 3 of the magnet catalog (available at the Welcome Center.) Only applications submitted by the deadlines will be included in the school admittance process.

How do I know which magnet school is the best fit for my student?

Only you can decide. Consider your child’s interest and abilities, and learn about the school options available to you. Attend the Magnet Fair, Open Houses at the schools you are interested in or call the schools to make an appointment for a tour.

What types of programs will be offered at each of the schools?

Each school offers English as a Second Language programming, most Special Education programming, before and after school care, and Free and Reduced Lunch for qualifying families. Some programs are offered only at specific sites such as high ability programming (STRETCH), specific Special Education programming, Title I services, and tutoring. Please review each school’s profile for more detailed information.

Must I list more than one school choice on my application?

No. You may list two schools. If there is only one school that interests you and your child, you may limit your application to that school. Please DO NOT list choices for which you are not prepared to send your child. When students are accepted into a magnet school they have applied for they forfeit their seat at the school they are attending and/or their neighborhood magnet school.

How will I know you received my application?

You will receive email verification. If you do not have an email account your verification will be mailed to you. Please keep your verification.

When is the Magnet School Computerized Admittance Process (CAP) run?

Please consult the timeline here or page three of the magnet catalog.

If one child from a family is selected through the CAP will siblings be allowed to attend?

An application must be submitted for each sibling.  If there is room in the sibling’s grade level, they will receive priority placement. We will make every effort to accommodate the family. If the sibling is not admitted at the same time due to class size, they will have priority in the next CAP.

How will I be notified if my child does or does not get accepted into a magnet school that he/she has applied for?

Notifications will be made via email. If you do not have an email account your verification will be mailed to you. Please keep your notification. You will be notified according to the timeline here.

What are my child's chances of being accepted to a magnet school?

Acceptance rates vary from year to year; there are usually more applicants than available spaces.

What do I do after my child is accepted?

If your child is currently attending a Lawrence Township school you will not need to do anything. We will forward all records to the new magnet school. Families new to Lawrence Township need to enroll at the Welcome Center, 6501 Sunnyside Road, by the deadline given in the notification

What if my child is not accepted to his first choice?

If room is available at your child’s second choice then he/she will be accepted there. If there is no room at the first and second choice schools, your child will stay at their current school. Please DO NOT list choices for schools that you are not interested in attending. Families forfeit their spot at their current or neighborhood magnet school when they are accepted into another magnet school.

My child attends a magnet school, but wants to transfer to a different magnet school next year. What do I do?

You must submit a new application and be accepted through the computerized admittance process. Your child will keep his/her current spot until he/she is accepted at a new one, then he/she forfeits their original spot.

What if I move during the year and cross the east/west boundary?

Students who move to the opposite side of the district during the school year have the following choices:

  • 1) Continue at their current school for the rest of the semester if the parents can provide transportation from their new home to the school.

  • 2) Attend the sister school on the opposite side of the district with the same magnet focus

  • 3) Attend the new neighborhood magnet school if there are available seats.

How often can I change schools?

Students are encouraged to stay at the school they are placed for the duration of their elementary years. If a family decides the school is not a fit for their child they must complete the application form on-line for the new school of choice and wait to see if the child is selected in the next run of the CAP.

Is transportation provided for my child if we choose a magnet school other than my neighborhood magnet school?

Transportation is provided for all students Kindergarten through Grade 6 to any of the magnet schools on the side of the district where you reside.

Is there before and after school care available at all Magnet Schools?

Yes, Before and After Care is available at each elementary school from 6:30 AM – 6:00 PM daily. See complete information at

Who should enroll at the Welcome Center?

Students in Kindergarten through 12th grade not currently enrolled in Lawrence Township should enroll at the Welcome Center.

How do I enroll my kindergarten student for first grade?

If your child attends Kindergarten at one of the MSD Lawrence Township Early Learning Centers and you decide to send him/her to first grade at your neighborhood magnet school you won’t need to do anything. If you would like to apply for another magnet school, complete the on-line application for that school and you will be notified if you are accepted to that school once the CAP has been run. Records will be forwarded to the appropriate school.

If your child did not attend kindergarten at one of the LT Early Learning Centers, you will need to enroll your child at the Welcome Center at 6501 Sunnyside Road.

My Child is in the STRETCH program. May I apply through CAP to attend another school that has the STRETCH program?

No, STRETCH students are placed through the Office of Exceptional Learners. If you have questions please call 423-2705.